You are here because you want to have a positive change in the world. What better time than to do so than now?

I’m sure your daily activities are brimming with requests to sponsor a child’s schooling, build a roof over a family’s head, or treat a life-threatening illness.

What if I told you that same donation can instead help enroll thousands of children in school by transforming a country’s education system, bring electricity to millions of poor people who live each day without it, create high-performing hospitals to accommodate a myriad of disease in low-income countries—and so much more?

Elizka Relief Foundation’s friends and supporters have for a long time understood the value of leveraging policy change. While other organizations focus on direct assistance or advocate for specific causes, Elizka maintains a track record of being at the forefront of practical ideas that change policies to the benefit of the world’s poor.

We work behind the scenes to make a difference. From data-driven solutions in education, trade, global health, food security, women empowerment, youth development, private investment, and more, what we do to make that difference depends on the support of people like you.

You are invited to join Elizka Relief Foundation to help make the world a better place for all mankind.

By joining Elizka, you will help us push for smarter policy ideas to promote sustainable development. Elizka members are among our most active participants and encouraging supporters. You will become an exclusive insider in Elizka’s work, enjoying preferred access to our events and that of our partners globally.

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